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AI Comedy Tips

Experiment with Detail

Our AI comedy tool will work differently depending on how much detail you provide it. Experiment with giving it a lot more (or less) detail about your opinion.

For example you could try: “people do such stupid things” OR try a detailed example of your opinion: “people will believe anything they see on social media, and react with outrage without doing any research first to see it it is true.”

Sometimes the more detailed answer will work better for an AI joke, sometimes the less detailed example will work better.

Indicate current events by saying, “currently”

Our AI comedy tool uses Large Language Models that don’t have access to current events. Using “currently”, then telling the model what’s new in the last few years, can help it understand what has changed since it was trained.

For example: try, “Russia, who is currently at war with Ukraine, has a weak and pathetic Army”


Don’t give up

Some of the greatest comedians find only 1/20 of their comedy ideas are actually funny. We think our AI comedy tool is even better than that, but some prompts will be less. Experiment with different prompts and try a few generations before you give up. This is just a tool, you are the ultimate judge of what is funny or not. Use your comedy insticts… sometimes the second time you read something you’ll realize it was funny after all.
How Our AI Comedy Tool Works
Our AI comedy tool uses Large Language Models which have been trained on things that make humans go PFFT. We will continue to train it to be funnier and funnier until humans are destroyed by severely traumatic gut injuries from explosive belly-laughs. That was a joke… and not even an AI joke!
AI Comedy Tool for Humans by Humans
Our AI comedy tool wasn’t created to replace human comedians, it was created to make their lives easier, and to give us all more laughs. As professional comedians realize, real comedy writing can actually be very difficult, and often not fun at all. We think this is a tragedy, and we want to help. We don’t even care about making money, as long as we can make money in the process!